Friday, 10 August 2012

Facebook drops off the greatest places to work list

A new list by company review site Glassdoor compiled the 25 best places to work for those trying to achieve an even work-life balance for 2012. And the results are surprising.Of all obvious tech companies out there, LinkedIn, Orbitz, and CareerBuilder were a usually ones to make a list. And for a initial time, Facebook wholly forsaken off a list. However, of a 25 companies, 12 were tech focused so maybe it’s only a smaller companies that offer a good life.The ratings are formed on 385,000 association reviews given over a past year by employees.The top five companies were MITRE, North Highland, Agilent Technologies, SAS Institute, and CareerBuilder. And of these five, three are technology companies, Agilent Technologies, SAS Institute, and CareerBuilder.
Facebook was No. 7 on the list in 2011 and now it's not even on the list

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