Friday, 7 September 2012

Apple aims to produce updated iPad Retina

The iPad Retina could get refreshed with improvements sooner rather than later, says DisplaySearch.
"We are seeing [Apple] work with panel makers to come out with a display that enables a thinner overall [product] with longer battery life," said Richard Shim, an analyst at DisplaySearch.
"Of course the supply chain is dynamic, but we're seeing some early indications that this may be happening," he added. Because of the vagaries of the supply chain made up of manufacturers and suppliers orders get canceled, plans get changed, sometimes on a monthly basis.
DisplaySearch last week published a research note about the updated iPad Retina, which said "Apple is working with the LCD supply chain to refresh the display, including revising the LED backlight design for cost reduction, refining the thermal solution, reducing the weight by replacing some components, and fine tuning the panel transmittance for lower power consumption."

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