Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Windows 8 camera phone features

Windows 8 phones will offer new camera features including screen shots, Bing searches, and 360-degree panoramas.

screen shots: User will now be able to snap screen shots and share them via Twitter. That's a big boost for an phone reviewer.
Flash: New flash controls for the camera will be easily accessible in the viewfinder interface.
Bing Vision: Part of the new Lenses suite of apps, Bing Vision lets you snap a photo and then search the Internet (through Bing, of course) for related information. So, for example, you could shoot a book cover and then see where to go and buy it online.
FXSuite: This app lets you choose from various filters to your shots.
Blink: The Blink app will shoot a series of photos while detecting if your subjects blinks. It will then choose the best shots with eyes wide open.
Photosynth: Different from a three-picture panorama app, Photosynth enables full 360 degree panoramas.

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