Friday, 31 August 2012


A unique request from the judge in the Apple v. Samsung court case gives jurors a post-trial peek at the news stories they missed, gathered in specially prepared notebooks.
The request for such a collection came from U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh after one juror mentioned having seen just a headline about the trial on the very first day. Koh told jurors she'd make a deal with them: Stay off the Internet and don't read about the coverage in newspapers. In return, the court librarian will keep a running tab on any and all news about the case and give you a notebook full of those stories when the trial is done.

Here are the 42 news stories and features that jurors were given on their way out the courthouse door:
As Apple and Samsung vie over tablet patents, judge at center of a tech storm - Washington Post, 7/18/2012
Apple v. Samsung: The Patent Trial of the Century - Wall Street Journal, 7/24
Apple-Samsung Patent Battle Shifts to Trial - New York Times, 7/29
Apple, Samsung face off in court over iPhone, iPad - Associated Press, as published on, 7/30
Apple, Samsung jury picked in high-stakes patent feud- SJ Mercury News, 7/30
The 7 men and 3 women who will decide Apple v. Samsung - Fortune, as published on CNNMoney, 7/31
Apple and Samsung Trade Jabs in Court - Wall Street Journal, 7/31
Apple claims Samsung copied iPhone technology - Associated Press, as published on SFGate (SF Chronicle), 8/1
Apple Loses Bid to Keep Customer Survey Secret - AllThingsD, 8/3
In the patents war, nothing is patently obvious - Irish Times, 8/3
Apple cranks up heat on Samsung, lawyer - SJ Mercury News, 8/3
Cassidy: Apple vs. Samsung brings Silicon Valley stars out - (SJ Mercury News), 8/3
Samsung reprimanded by Judge in US Apple patent fight - AFP news agency, as published in The Telegraph (Australia), 8/4
Disruptions: At Its Trial, Apple Spills Some Secrets - New York Times, 8/5
Difference Engine: Copying the copier - The Economist, 8/6
Courtrooms Are Bad for Secrets. Ask Apple - CNBC, 8/7
Above the Law Goes to Trial -- Dispatch from Apple v. Samsung - Above the Law, 8/8
Apple-Samsung patent trial: 'I mistook one for the other,' designer says - SJ Mercury News, 8/8
Jurors in Apple vs. Samsung Get a Raise, but Still Woefully Underpaid - AllThingsD, 8/9
Courtroom tension boils in Apple-Samsung showdown - CNBC, 8/10
Apple, Samsung lawyers battle over expert testimony - SJ Mercury News, 8/10
Apple Rests Its Case Against Samsung - Dow Jones Newswires, as published in Fox Business, 8/13
Fireworks in Apple-Samsung Trial Over Whether Expert Had Improper Access to Intel Source Code - AllThingsD, 8/14
Apple v. Samsung timeline: The guide to what's happening - ZDNet, 8/14
So I went to Best Buy to confuse an iPad with a Samsung - CNET, 8/15
Apple vs. Samsung judge: 'It's time for peace' - SJ Mercury News, 8/15
Apple lawyer faces 'smoking crack' jibe by patent judge - BBC, 8/16
Apple vs. Samsung: Judge gets testy as patent trial winds down - SJ Mercury News, 8/17
Apple vs. Samsung patent trial: The evidence is all in - SJ Mercury News, 8/18
In Apple's Patent Case, Tech Shifts May Follow - New York Times, 8/19
The ABCs of Apple v. Samsung - CNET, 8/20
The Definitive Insider's Guide to Apple vs. Samsung - AllThingsD, 8/20
Apple v. Samsung jury given choice between hero and villain - SJ Mercury News, 8/20
Ringside as Apple and Samsung Go Into the Final Round - AllThingsD, 8/21
Nine Random People Might Decide The Future Of Mobile Device Design - TechCrunch, 8/21
Apple-Samsung courtroom confrontation ends with mud and fireworks - SJ Mercury News, 8/21
Apple-Samsung trial: How high school will influence the jury - CNET, 8/22
Clock ticks down on a verdict in Apple v. Samsung - CNET, 8/23
Apple v. Samsung: When will the jury deliver a verdict? - Fortune, as published on CNNMoney, 8/23
Apple v. Samsung: The Jury's Hardship - Wall Street Journal, 8/23
Apple v. Samsung verdict is in: $1 billion loss for Samsung - Ars Technica, 8/24
How qualified is the Apple-Samsung jury? We found out - CNET, 8/24

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