Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mobile users tend to distrust their phones

A new survey shows that more than half of U.S. cell phone owners are concerned about apps leeching their private and personal information.
"Many cell phone users take steps to manage, control, or protect the personal data on their mobile devices," wrote the survey's authors, Jan Lauren Boyles, Aaron Smith, and Mary Madden. "More than half of mobile application users have uninstalled or avoided certain apps due to concerns about the way personal information is shared or collected by the app."
According to Pew:

1) 41 percent of cell owners back up the photos, contacts, and other files on their phone so they have a copy in case their phone is ever broken or lost
2) 32 percent of cell owners have cleared the browsing history or search history on their phone
3) 19 percent of cell owners have turned off the location-tracking feature on their cell phone because they were concerned that other individuals or companies could access that information

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